Shoto Budo Personal Profile Bob McCafferty

Bob McCafferty

Clydebank Shoto Budo
6th Dan-1st Meijin

Bob has practiced karate over several decades with Karate Do Shotokai and Shoto Budo. He is club secretary of Dumbarton Shoto Budo and senior instructor of Clydebank Shoto Budo.

In the late 1960s, he was a founder member of the Waseda Karate Club in Clydebank and started karate clubs for students in Stow College of Engineering and Glasgow College of Technology (now Glasgow Caledonian University). In 1973, he set up ‘Shin-nen’ Karate Club, the first karate club in Cumbernauld and also Stirling Karate Club and was the senior visiting instructor for the Azami Karate Club in Grangemouth.

Bob was awarded 1st Dan in 1971 by Master Mitsusuke Harada, 5th Dan, Principal of Karate-Do Shotokai at Grange Farm, near London. He was awarded 2nd Dan in 1979 and 3rd Dan in 1981. Bob then moved away from practice for ten years and returned to regular practice at the inception of Shoto Budo. He was awarded 4th Dan In 1994.  Bob was awarded 5th Dan by Billy Haggerty, Hugh Russell and the Finnish senior dan grades in Finland in 2000.

Bob has a BA and Advanced Diploma in Education (Open), Diploma in Management Studies, Diploma in Community Education, Certificate in Adult Guidance and ONC in Mechanical Engineering.

Bob graduated in Shiatsu from the Glasgow School of Shiatsu in 2008   and has completed NLP master practitioner, NLP trainer training and DBM practitioner courses. His other interests include Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, running and swimming.

In 2006, Bob set up Beyond ExpectationChallenge and Change Coaching to provide personal development and health and well being coaching for individuals, community organisations and the business community


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