Shoto Budo Personal Profile Graeme Muirhead

Graeme Muirhead

Dublin Shoto Budo, Dai Ichi Kai
9th Dan-4th Meijin

As a teenager with a healthy interest in Martial Arts, Graeme embarked on a period of discovery, which led him to find the club in Cumbernauld. Despite having to wait a year to join the club as at that time they didnít take juniors, Graeme was not put off following his dream.

Graeme opened his first club in Cumbernauld in 1985 and in the mid 90ís he opened further clubs in Springburn & at the Red Road Flats in Glasgow. The mission of all of these clubs is to bring together all ages to practice martial arts in a safe & encouraging environment

1999 was a special year for Graeme as he gained the prestigious 5th Dan and qualified as a Bio-Energy Therapist following his desire to further expand his knowledge of working with energy and enhancing his skills.

As a therapist, instructor and skilled practitioner Graeme is now in his 30th year of practise and is inspiring others to improve their skills, knowledge and understanding of every aspect of what Shoto Budo has to offer.

In 2007 Graeme moved to Ireland where he has started to introduce Shoto Budo to Ireland. In March 2007 in recognition of his skills, knowledge & input to Shoto Budo the senior instructors of Shoto Budo awarded Graeme First Meijin.

Following a serious industrial accident in 2008 Graeme has been met with a new challenge of finding ways of being able to continue to practice, After a lot of time out of the dojo the one thing that kept him going was his desire to practice again and despite a lot of setbacks the encouragement from other instructors, peers and members of his club Graeme is back practising again and learning new ways of developing his skills and this has given him an understanding of other difficulties and this has added to his abilities as a teacher and mentor.

Graeme has been influenced by many great martial artists & continues to feel that his peers in Shoto Budo are continuing to stretch the boundaries & skill within martial arts.

Graemeís main influences were Sensei Harada, Billy Haggerty, Vinnie Strachan, Colin Reeve & Billy Eyre (Ninjitsu).


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