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Gail McDicken

4th Dan

Dave and Gail both originate from Broughty Ferry, on the outskirts of Dundee. They initially took up Karate however at Glasgow Technical College, where they trained under the auspices of one Steven McGlinchey and  in those days a very young Hugh Russell. They trained with Steven and Hugh for approximately 2 years, during which time they were introduced to Billy Haggerty who was the senior instructor in Greenock, and it was whilst training in Greenock they also encountered Vincent (Vinnie) Strachan for the first time. After 2 years in Glasgow, Dave and Gail moved to London, and for a short period trained at Slough. Very soon after however, Vinnie also moved to the area and started his own club in Maidenhead. Both Dave and Gail spent many years thereafter training with Vinnie and one Colin Reeves. During this period they also explored other styles of martial art, particularly Tae Kwon Do with Leroy Souter. Eventually after achieving their Dan grades Dave and Gail started their first club in Langley, just outside London, which they ran for a number of years before moving back to Scotland. On moving back to Scotland, they opened up a club in Linlithgow, where they were initially based, but eventually moved back to Dundee, where they now reside, and run Tay Shoto Budo.

Outside of martial arts, Dave has a B Eng (Hons) in Environmental Engineering and an MSc in Facilities Management. He is now a Company Director within a building fit out and refurbishment business. Gail is currently manageress of a Hairdressing Salon and has a keen an interest in running and general fitness, and has run both the New York and Edinburgh marathons.


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