Shoto Budo Personal Profile Paul Hanlon

Paul Hanlon

Balornock Shoto Budo
4th Dan

Currently a 4th Dan Blackbelt, Paul got involved in boxing at a very early age and has also dabbled in other Martial Arts such as Judo, Jeet Kun Do and Tae kwon-do. His considerable interest in football led him to play amateur football and junior football, go on to become professional playing both at Dundee and with Partick Thistle reserves.

Creatively, Paul has an HNC and HND in Music Composition and embarked on but chose not to complete a degree in Music Compostion. This found him forming a band and playing in clubs and pubs for years. More recently, Paul formed a Glam Rock 70's Tribute Band, which played all over the UK, with a claim to fame of backing Showaddywaddy and the Bay City Rollers.

Paul’s contributions to Shoto Budo beyond being a successful and well-respected club instructor have been in the production of various DVDs including the first official Shoto Budo DVD, “How To Practise The Taikyoku Katas – A Modelled Approach”

After years of training Paul thoroughly enjoys kumite, (sparring), practise and worked with Richard Price promoting and recording nine events, which studied the skills of kumite in a variety of detail. His passion for kata and all aspects of groundwork is also great and he has been a major supporting influence in the development and running of the Junior Display Team with Joanne Walmsley, Keith Farrell and Graeme Condie since its inception.

Paul is the club instructor of Balornock Shoto Budo and trains most nights each week.


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