Shoto Budo Personal Profile Jim Gisbey

Jim Gisbey

Inverclyde and Greenock Shoto Budo
5th Dan

Jim Gisbey 5th Dan, has been with Inverclyde Shoto Budo for over twenty years.

Starting with the Club at 16 years of age, he also spent some years studying Wado Ryu in Aberdeen and England before settling back here at Greenock.

A prime example of a martial artist having much more to him that his outward demeanour may show, Jim brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the club. He has, for many years, given his time to teaching the younger students, guiding them towards high Senior Grades.

Jim is also a very talented musician and guitar player, much in demand on the local wedding circuit.

Jim has a busy schedule with his own small building enterprise, music commitments, and helping with his daughter’s horses, but is always willing to give time and help when asked.


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