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Eric Walton

Bearsden Martial Arts Club
4th Dan

My interest in martial arts came around by accident, I started out going along to Bearsden Martial Arts Club as a 30 year old, as I wanted to get fit for skiing!
I found that I thoroughly enjoyed the training - Now move on 25 years, I practice 2/3 times a week, and still manage to get a weeks skiing in most years.

I run the Bearsden Juniors Club, and do a fair bit of organising for the Junior & Adult National courses.

I have a laidback/fun approach to instructing kids, as it should generally be fun with an edge; and for adults, they get a bit less of the fun & a bit more of the edge.
I have a fairly busy schedule with work, holiday & family commitments, but when time allows, I like to travel & socialise, Ive been told Ill talk to anyone :)


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