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Les Lacey

5th Dan

Les Lacey is a 5th Dan Karate Black Belt of the 4th generation who has direct lineage to Shigeru Egami and Gichin Funakoshi (the father of modern karate).

Les has trained in the martial arts for over 30 years and has ran clubs, competed and taught adults & children. His influences and teaching coming from Japan, China, Korea, Thailand and the Philippines. 

Les has received training in Shotokai & Shotokan Karate, Aikido, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Tae-kwondo, Kick Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts. 

Les was born in Stoke Poges nr Slough June 1960. He first started training at the The Centre in Slough with a club known as Bushido which was run by Ziggy Boban 4th Dan & Phil Glennerster 3rd Dan at the time, the group belonged to the KDS Karate-do Shotokai.

“I started training after falling foul to a group of scum bags whilst working in London as a D.J. Somebody reversed into my car after speaking to the driver, I reached into my car to get a pen & paper and turned around to find three people standing there.

They set about me and I was punched and kicked to the ground, when I got up they were gone as was the driver, I was left with a right shiner, bruises and that feeling of not being able to take care of myself”.

Next day I saw an advert in the local paper said Learn Karate - Learn Self Defence, today I’m still teaching, still practicing and still learning.
I was awarded my 1st Dan Black Belt in 1983 by Mitsusuke Harada MBE, often referred to as Harada Sensei,
Les continued training under the late Vincent ‘Vinnie' Strachan (5th Dan, Shotokai / Shoto Budo Master) in Maidenhead. Also with Billy Haggerty 10th Dan Shoto-Budo & Colin Reeve 5th Dan the Shotokai Collage. Both served as Technical Directors of Harada's organisation Karate-Do Shotokai (KDS)

This experience created his in depth appreciation of the practice methods of the Martial Arts. Les can proudly trace his roots in Karate-Do back to Gichin Funakoshi (1868-1957) through one of the country's oldest traditional karate organisations founded in Great Britain in 1965 by Sensei Mitsusuke Harada MBE (b. 1928), to the present day with William Haggerty (b. 1950) who, together with senior instructors, founded the Shoto Budo Organisation in 1992. William Haggerty served as Technical Director for Harada's organisation Karate-Do Shotokai (KDS).

Les was awarded his 5th Dan Black belt in 1999 by William Haggerty Technical Director of Shoto Budo. Les has been known to have practised up to 8 days a week, well it felt like it, in his early years. This would have included attending weekend courses plus Summer, Spring and Autumn training camps.

Grading History
5th Dan
- September 1999
4th Dan
- November 1995
3rd Dan - November 1992
2nd Dan - September 1989
1st Dan - August 1983


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