Shoto Budo Personal Profile Pauline Walmsley

Pauline Walmsley

Kaizen club
9th Dan-4th Meijin

Pauline began training in the mid 70ís and had a variety of experience in different styles of martial arts before the conception of Shoto Budo. She is extremely interested in understanding information processing within movement control, balance and perceptual skills. In addition to spending many hours training in Shoto Budo, Pauline is also an experienced half marathon & 10k runner and a regular practitioner of Transcendental Meditation & Reiki.

As well as holding several coaching qualifications, Pauline has also completed a B.A.(Hons) in Psychology at Strathclyde University, with her final yearís dissertation study involving research into the Visio-perceptual control skills of the martial artist. Continuing her study of behavioural science, she has successfully completed a NLP & DBM practitioner course with Sensory Systems Ltd and was recently awarded an MSc in Health Psychology from Stirling University.

Trained in counselling skills (COSCA), this background, as you might expect, lends itself to a very person-centred approach, often evidenced in her teaching style.

In addition to her role as a senior instructor with the organization and leading the successful Kaizen club, Pauline is currently employed as a Senior Health Promotion Officer with NHSGGC


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