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Richard Price

9th Dan-4th Meijin

Richard Price is a self-employed artist who sculpts and paints and holds a First Class Honours Degree and a Post Graduate Diploma in the fields of Art and Design.

He has practiced karate since 1989 and has trained in interest courses in Nucleus Jeet Kun Do, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Tai Chi, Kempo and Tae Kwon Do. He has trained mainly in Scotland but visits Finland regularly to train with friends there. A senior instructor since 1995, Richard runs clubs in Glasgow South, Glasgow North and South Lanarkshire. He recently wrote a short book titled “Shoto Budo- Part of the Furniture” co-produced the first Shoto Budo DVD and is currently working on another two books, one which is a compilation of Shoto Budo humorous stories by various participants, entitled “Now We Go Swim in Snow”, and the other the eagerly awaited Shoto Budo “Essential Text” by William Haggerty which he is currently illustrating and supporting. He also co designed the Shoto Budo Website.

Richard photographs a lot for Shoto Budo with a fascination for movement.

Richard has a passion for Shoto Budo and a fun, inclusive attitude to training, which can be seen in his clubs. He sees it as an opportunity to pool skills, share knowledge and develop ideas, thereby working towards a holistic study of Martial Arts within an intelligent and open-minded organisation.

Richard is also a practicing Buddhist.

Of Shoto Budo Karate he says,

Sometimes Shoto Budo is about kicking, punching, throwing, blocking, parrying, wrestling, attacking and defending.
Sometimes Shoto Budo is about teaching, sharing ideas and knowledge.
Sometimes Shoto Budo is about developing your body and your spirit.
Sometimes Shoto Budo is about discovering your strengths and challenging your fears.
Sometimes Shoto Budo is about discipline and control and other times it is more creative and chaotic.
Sometimes Shoto Budo is about the self and sometimes about others.
Sometimes Shoto Budo is about a quick workout and other times it is a lifelong training.
Sometimes Shoto Budo is about the mind, body and spirit…
BUT why listen to me? ….. Come and try for yourself.”


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