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Due Recognition

by Richard Price


Over the past year, three of the organisation's senior and respected members have been rewarded for years of effort, skill, excellent personal example and leadership.

It is somewhat remiss that none of us has taken the time to make mention of this on our website and as such, I have prepared this short article to redress this and give due recognition.

Firstly to Juha Salmi from Finland who was awarded 1st Meijin. Many of us watched a short demonstration of this man's talent but know so little of him. A truly awesome martial artist, Juha has shown powerful attributes in leadership, coaching and ambassadorship for many years and frequently visits Scotland running practices and bringing friends who never disappoint. The man's presence as you face him is so often daunting but, as in many great martial artists, getting to know him reveals a thoroughly decent human and supportive training partner.

Due Recognition

Secondly, Graeme Muirhead, also awarded 1st Meijin and recognised as such by his peers for his years of strong mentoring, deep dedication to the training and practise of martial arts and for mastery in his own martial arts practise. Graeme has recently moved to Ireland where he has already begun to share his skills and develop Shoto Budo there. He hopes to bring one of his long-term ambitions to fruition there, by building the first bespoke Shoto Budo dojo.

Rarely if ever complacent, Graeme still seeks to improve his own considerable skills and to produce great future students.

Due Recognition

Finally, Kimmo Niikkonen from Kuusamo in Northern Finland, treated us to a princely demonstration of connecting and disabling opponent after opponent at Autumn School 2007. A video of his demonstration was posted on You Tube and as such many others will get a chance to catch a snippet of this man, making takedowns, locks and groundwork look effortless. The senior grades saw fit to award 1st Meijin to Kimmo again after years of contribution to martial arts and Shoto Budo both in Finland and in Scotland. He was also awarded with the prestigious "Vincent Strachan Memorial Trophy", as a testimony to his great attitude, approach to training and high quality practise.

Due Recognition



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