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1st Official DVD 18th March 2007

The new Shoto Budo DVD covering a Modelled Approach to the Taikyoku Kata is now available from

The DVD includes an interview with William Haggerty - Technical Director and stars Hugh Russell, Jim Gisbey, George Gaffney, Hugh Tomlinson, Joanne Walmsley and Laura Walmsley, all providing a clear array of demonstrations useful for instructors, practitioners at all levels and parents.

The DVD is being sold for £15 representing excellent value for money.

(Club Instructors, please recognise this is also a superb tool to assist in marketing your clubs by its honest approach, professionalism and by presenting our particular training not just from a perspective of "What is it that we do in Shoto Budo?" but (possibly uniquely), from the other intelligent perspectives of, "How do we achieve our skills?" and "Why do we practise these skills?")

I hope you enjoy the efforts of the team who produced this DVD and start asking for the next ones in the series!


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